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Best CS:GO & CS2 Crash Sites

Best CS2 Crash Sites

The Crash gambling method can be extremely exciting and rewarding when things are in your favor but also rather frustrating when losing. It is very much a case of high risk and high reward. Your potential payout and reward can be massive; however, you also risk losing everything at a scary speed.


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CSGO & CS2 Crash Gambling

The Crash game is one that heavily relies on luck and flow. They are the biggest factors that will lead to profits and success. It is all a matter of testing your luck and having to interpret graphs can sometimes put players off.

You will be pleased to hear that the game is relatively easy to learn, and after a short period of time, you will be able to play it regularly.

Crash is possibly one of the most social online gambling options available. Whilst you may not directly be talking to the other players, there is the potential to have hundreds of people betting on the same round as you. Most websites will include a scoreboard beside the game, so you can see how much others are winning and losing.

Explanation Of CS2 Crash

Most crash websites will only have a singular game of Crash running at one time. A message will be displayed after the previous round has ended, and there is a gap for betting before the new round begins.

Players can use the respective platform’s funds to place a bet on where the multiplier will crash. After the game begins, players can watch the multiplier increase; this is where you need to decide when you want to cash out.

The goal is to cash out before the multiplier crashes out. If you cash out beforehand, you will win whatever your bet multiplied by whatever the multiplier was at, at the time you cashed out. However, if you don’t cash out before the crash, you will win nothing.

Why Is It So Popular?

With it being a thrilling casino game and also offering a social scoreboard to track wins and losses, it adds a competitive element to the game. With the potential of the multiplier reaching absurd heights, it’s a game filled with risk and reward at the highest level.

CS2 Crash Codes

As we mentioned at the beginning, our team went through extensive research to identify the best CSGO betting sites that offer the CSGO Crash game. Below you find bonus/sign up codes for the best options available. Our selections are always following the legal requirements and guidelines, so you have nothing to worry about in that regard.

Getting Started With Crash

As usual, you need to sign up and create an account on whatever platform you choose. The majority of CSGO and CS2 betting sites will have the option to link your Steam account, and this is required for Crash so you can deposit using your in-game skins instead of physical funds. Skins values will be converted into the respective platform’s currency, which can be used when betting on CSGO Crash but also other games like Roulette and Blackjack.

You can also use alternative methods for funds such as; Debit & Credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and online wallets. Please keep in mind that each provider has its own unique deposit and withdrawal methods, so they won’t all have the same options available.

Strategies & Tips

As mentioned, it is very dependent on luck; however, you can make some adjustments and decisions to put you in the best position possible. This is why it’s recommended to create a form of strategy plan filled with your tactics to win.

It is common practice for players to use a system, instead of going by their gut. For those that want to continue down the path of a system, there are Auto Bet Settings available.

Auto Bet Settings

All CSGO Crash game platforms will have an auto bet feature available. This allows you to make some adjustments, which can help lead to a profitable system to take advantage of. Below are the different settings that you can adjust:

  • Bet Size – This is the amount of coins/funds you want to bet
  • Auto cash out value – You can select automatic cash out number for each game (so you don’t have to manually click)
  • On loss – Allows you to choose between increasing, to decrease or keep the same amount as the previous bet for upcoming rounds
  • On the win – Acts the same way as on loss.



How To Bet On Crash CSGO Live?

It is just a matter of finding a platform that you want to use for your CSGO gambling. All Crash CSGO games are played live, with real players taking part.

How Does CSGO Crash Work?

You select how much you want to wager before the round begins. During the round, the multiplier will continually increase, and you need to choose when to cash out before the multiplier crashes (ends). If you cash out before it crashes, your bet will be multiplied by whatever the multiplier was on at the time. If you don’t cash out before the crash, you lose your bet. There is a full breakdown of this above.

How To Choose What Number In Crash CSGO?

This is a personal preference and comes down to the potential strategies we discussed above. Essentially, the larger the multiplier (number), the higher risk you have of losing the bet. It is a matter of playing the game and finding what works for you; after all, it is all luck. Create a system and strategy that works for you, that’s the best way to find success.

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