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Best CSGO Case Opening Sites

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a video game developed and published by Valve in 2012. The FPS title quickly became a huge success, and it’s now rated as one of the best esports in the world.


  • Chance to win CSGO skins
  • Competitive and exciting PvP matches
  • Regular updates and news notifications
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  • Cashback up to 10%
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  • Trusted and reputable case opening
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  • Option to upgrade existing skins
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  • Wide variety of cases

  • Easy skin exchange
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  • Free cases available for players
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  • Quick and secure skin trading
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  • Over 800,000 registered users
  • Spring promotions available
  • Premium account benefits

  • Affordable skins for pennies
  • Multiple weapon options for cases
  • Gloves and luxury knives available

  • Free chest with valuable items
  • Instant withdrawal of winnings
  • Promotional codes for extra benefits
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  • Profitable CS:GO case options
  • Variety of AWP skins available
  • Free case opportunity with popcorn collection
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  • Wide variety of box categories
  • Transparent drop rates shown
  • Guaranteed prize in mystery boxes
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  • Jackpot feature for big winnings
  • Coinflip game for quick bets
  • Case Battles with multiple participants
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CSGO is free-to-play, which means that everyone can download and play the game at no cost. Despite this, Valve is making a lot of money. How? Because of the business model they adopted, which is based on a system of cosmetics. These are items and skins that enhance the appearance of a player without having an impact on the game performance.

Overview of the Best CS:GO Case Opening Websites

These cosmetics are often found in what is known to players as Cases. Cases are literally what they sound like: boxes containing different skins, available for players to buy either on the official Steam market or via third party websites.

This latter option is definitely the most convenient and led to the birth of an incredible amount of sites that offer cases and skins at very advantageous prices. In our guide, we will be a focus on reviewing the best CSGO case opening sites.

Legit CSGO Case Opening Sites

When looking for case opening sites for CSGO, pay extra attention to the level of security the site you visit provides. Some of them are very scammy, and it is not advisable to trust them for your money transactions and bets. In the list we present to you below, we made sure to include only those websites which can be 100% trusted.


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Rated among the best legit CSGO case opening sites, Hellcase offers one of the fastest services possible. Instant withdrawals of practically all items on the inventory are what make Hellcase so popular and appreciated by the gaming community. Plus, if your item ends up being delayed, you can easily choose to either wait or get another skin of the same value in return.

Hellcase main page

Hellcase offers promotions and bonuses to new as well as experienced bettors, such as their daily case giveaway and the possibility to get coins or skins free of charge once in a while. On Hellcase, users can also sell unwanted skins and get credits in return.

The only drawback concerning Hellcase is the fact that the payment methods accepted are not many; however, the site still allows customers to deposit via the most popular systems such as Visa, Mastercard, and G2A Pay.


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We mentioned the little problem regarding payment methods with Hellcase, so here’s a website that simply accepts them all, including PayPal and even Alipay. Farmskins website also allows you to deposit skins and trade them for free coins and credits. The only problem regarding withdrawals is time: it can take up to 24 hours to withdraw some skins.

Farmskins main page

In any case, the site is chosen by players thanks to the wide variety of skins available and accurately balanced, fair CSGO cases at very reasonable prices. Farmskins also has in store a very impressive number of casino games available, including Upgrades and Contracts, and a good number of promotions and bonus such as giveaways and daily perks.

In addition to this, Farmskins has been operating for many years and is nowadays rated among the safest CSGO case opening websites on the internet. With a total of more than 60 million cases opened and professional service, rest assured that Farmskins is able to live up to their own motto, “Drop is better than from Gaben”.


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All the cases and skins you might think of, Datdrop has them. Not only that, but at a fair price too, and with the addition of many promotions and special bonuses like free cases or their system of Gems. On Datdrop you can not only buy cases and win nice skins, but many other things too. Like, you can compete in case battles against other players and see who is the luckier one. csgo

What’s also very nice of Datdrop is that they constantly add new features and improve their service to make sure users have the best experience possible. For example, Datdrop recently introduced the Upgrade option, which gives you the chance to upgrade the skins you already have for, if you are lucky enough, better ones.

Datdrop accepts all major forms of deposit options, including G2A Pay, SkinPay, and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and ensures all users of its legitimacy thanks to the “provably fair” system. This proves that all results on Datdrop are completely random.


A verified case opening the website, Daddyskins was born in 2017 and had since then won the hearts of thousands of dedicated players: great prices, high probabilities of winning, features updated frequently, daily free cases, and more. On DaddySkins, customers can also play a wide variety of games such as Arena, Upgrades, Jackpot, and more.

DaddySkins main page

Daddyskins is also known for being one of the first gambling operators to introduce the provably fair system we mentioned above. The site works hard to regularly improve it and thus ensures that all games are fair and transparent.

The website accepts all major forms of payment and even gives users perks in the case they use certain deposit methods such as G2A Pay. Their customer support service is not available 24/7 but does a good job of giving users all the info needed.


Opening CSGO cases can be extremely fun, especially when considering the excitement of the unknown: will you win, will you get the skin you desire so much? The recommended case opening sites we listed above does a nice job at ensuring the safety of your data and of your money transactions and, at the same time, provide you the best service possible for you to have a great time playing some games and winning awesome items.

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