The Blast.TV Paris Major 2023


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The Major is the first CSGO major tournament that will be held in Accor Arena, Paris, France, making it also the first Paris Major. And this wouldn’t be possible without the support of Valve and French President Emmanuel Macron, who believed that France could be a cultural destination for eSports fans worldwide, especially the country that will host the 2024 Olympic games.

csgo Major

Moreover, it can’t be denied that the BLAST Premier series makes no difference with CSGO Major as it is still one of the most eagerly awaited and exhilarating events of the CSGO community and eSports scene. Also, it is one of the international competitions that features the best teams in frantic, thrilling matches.

Thus, the addition of this CSGO event will not only make the year exciting but also allow teams competing to start preparing for all the upcoming matches. And with only 24 teams that would qualify for this CSGO main event, it is more competitive for other teams in every RMR qualifier to perform well and prepare for advancement matches.

This article will help you know the schedule or date of the matches/games, the qualified teams, and info about the prize pool distribution, and watch through the link of any stream that would feature any game in line with scheduled matches.

Participants and Teams Involved

Currently, the participants and teams involved for the final 24 teams for CSGO BLAST.TV Major is not yet announced because all RMR seeding qualifiers are just starting to commence. But a lot of CSGO fans are predicting that all that will qualify for the Challengers Stage will showcase their skill and experience and might have the chance to compete with other s-ranked teams in the Legends Stage.

Live Bets on CS:GO

13:00 UTC 04/10/2023 CCT South America
CCT South America
Team Corinthians logoCorinthians VS Team Boca Juniors logoBoca Juniors logo
15:00 UTC 04/10/2023 CCT East Europe: Qualifier
CCT East Europe: Qualifier
Team Zero Tenacity logoZero Tenacity VS Team ENCE Academy logoENCE Academy logo
15:25 UTC 04/10/2023 BLAST Premier: Fall European Showdown 2023
BLAST Premier: Fall European Showdown 2023
Team ENCE logoENCE VS Team Alliance logoAlliance logo
15:30 UTC 04/10/2023 Ultras League
Ultras League
Family Esports VS Marabu Team logo
15:35 UTC 04/10/2023 Eternity League
Eternity League
Team Team Boohoo logoTeam Boohoo VS Fly esports logo

Schedule and Format of The Blast.TV Paris Major 2023

This CSGO tournament has a long list of the schedule time as it has stages to follow. And every stage has different teams competing, and those that don’t qualify or got eliminated in the said stage have the chance to get ready and compete in the next CSGO Blast.TV Paris Major qualifier as other matches will follow once the previous qualifier will be done.

CSGO Blast.TV Paris Major Schedule

It started with European, South America, North America, Asia, Oceania, China, and Middle East RMR Qualifiers things BLAST Open Qualifier #1. Open Qualifier #2, and now, Closed Qualifiers A and B are currently underway. And once done with RMRs, the Challengers Stage will follow, and Legends Stage will be the next in line, and Champion Stage will be the last stage. To summarize, here’s the schedule of all stages:

  • CSGO RMR Qualifiers: February 13 – 26, 2023
  • CSGO RMRs: April 4 – 15, 2023
  • CSGO Challengers Stage: May 8 – 11, 2023
  • CSGO Legends Stage: May 13 – 16, 2023
  • CSGO Champions Stage: May 18 – 21, 2023

CS-GO Blast.TV Paris Major Format

The Challengers Stage: May 8 – 11, 2023

  • It will be played through a CSGO 16-team Swiss System Format
    • Elimination and Advancement matches will be played in a Best-of-3 format
    • All other games are in Best-of-1
  • The Top 8 teams will proceed to the Legends Stage, and the other 8 teams are eliminated.

The Legends Stage: May 13 – 16, 2023

  • It will be played through a CSGO 16-team Swiss System Format
    • Elimination and Advancement matches will be played in a Best-of-3 format
    • All other matches are in Best-of-1
  • The Top 8 teams will proceed to the Champions Stage;
  • And the other 8 teams are eliminated.

The Champions Stage: May 18 – 21, 2023

  • Single-Elimination Bracket
  • All matches are in a Best-of-3 format
Blast.TV Paris Major 2023

Prizes and Awards at The Blast.TV Paris Major 2023

The 1,250,000 USD will be spread among the teams below:

PlaceUSD DistributionQualifies ToParticipant
1st500,000 USDIEM Cologne 2023Team Vitality
2nd170,000 USD Gamer Legion
3rd – 4th80,000 USD Heroic
5th – 8th45,000 USD Faze Clan
Team Liquid
Into The Breach
9th – 11th20,000 USD Natus Vincere
Ninjas in Pyjamas
12th – 14th20,000 USD ENCE
Bad News Eagles
G2 Esports
15th – 16th20,000 USD 9INE
FURIA Esports
17th – 19th10,000 USD FORZE Esports
Grayhound Gaming
paiN Gaming
20th – 22nd10,000 USD Complexity Gaming
The MongolZ
23rd – 24th10,000 USD MOUZ

Where to Watch The Blast.TV Paris Major 2023

The CSGO Blast.TV is one that streams all the qualifiers to the main stages. And fans can watch all the live games on their official website page because all action is there. Also, the French language and other languages are available for international fans. If you may experience a lag in their stream servers, make sure to wait as there are times it’s loaded with other viewers.

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