ESL Pro League Season 16: Overview


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The newest season of the ESL Pro League now features 24 teams from across the globe, especially with an exciting new stage for the competition. The new conference stage for the EPL had its debut during the EPL S15 and was carried out to the S16.

There are six (6) teams from the ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference Stage, three (3) teams from the ESL World Ranking, and fifteen (15) teams who are already permanent partner teams for the EPL. The final round of the events, which will take place in Malta, will feature the twenty-four (24) teams competing for $850,000 and circuit points.

With the recently concluded Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) tournaments, fans are now looking forward to the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 16 which will be held from August 31 to October 2, 2023. And here are the things that you need to know more about the upcoming ESL S16:

Things You Need to Know More About ESL Pro League Season 16

ESL Pro League Season 16 is one of the CSGO tournaments you don’t have to miss as this season features the finest teams in the world and would put on a show that surely fans would love to see.

ESL Pro League Season 16

Tournament Format

Before the commencement of the ESL Pro League Season 16 Group Stage, the organizer held a Conference Stage wherein sixteen (16) teams battled it out for the final six (6) spots for the Group Stage. The teams that participated in the Conference Stage were winners from ESL Challenger #48, ESEA S39 EU Premier, ESEA S39 AU Premier, ECL S40 Europe, ECL S40 North America, ANZ Champs, Premiership, Meisterschaft, Mistrrzostwa Polski, Masters Espana, Championnat National, National Champ Qualifier, South American Qualifier, and ECL S40 Asia-Pacific.

And with the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 16 Group Stage, the tournament format will be held through the following:

Group Stage

  • Four groups of one round robin each
    • Each group will have six participating teams
    • Every team plays each other once.
    • All games are in Best of 3 formats.
  • Teams who finish first in Group will proceed to the Quarterfinals.
  • Teams that finish second and third in a group will advance to the Round of 12.


  • The bracket will be in a single-elimination mode
  • Bo3 is used for all games (excluding the championship).
  • The Grand Final match will be played in a Best-of-5 series.

Prize Pool and Circuit Points Distribution

The $835,000 prize pool and the 7,000 BLAST Premier points will be split up into the twenty-four (24) teams below:

PlaceUSD DistributionSeedCircuit PointsTeam
1st Place175,000 USDBLAST World Final 2023 /IEM Katowice 20232800 pointsTBA
2nd Place70,000 USD1400 pointsTBA
3rd – 4th Place35,000 USD875 pointsTBA
5th – 8th Place17,500 USD262.5 pointsTBA
9th – 12th Place12,000 USDTBA
13th – 16th Place9,000 USDTBA
17th – 20th Place7,500 USDTBA
21st – 24th Place6,000 USDTBA

Additionally, winning teams in the group rounds will get $5,000 extra. The winning team will also be guaranteed a spot in the BLAST World Final in 2023. Also, there will be 24 teams vying for the championship in the group stage, the same as in previous ESL Pro League seasons. Fifteen participating teams are invited directly because they are permanent partner teams. And based on the results of the ESL World Ranking and six slots from the Conference Stage, three teams are invited, which explains why there are different levels in the tournament for the title.

ESL Pro League Season 16 Overview

Participating Teams

If you’re a CSGO enthusiast, a bettor, or a casual fan, you would love to see the following teams that will compete for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 16. And here are the twenty-four (24) teams and their updated roster:

1AstralisXyp9x, gla1ve, k0nfig, blameF, farlig, tracePermanent Partner Team
2BIGtabseN, tiziaN, syrsoN, faveN, Krimbo, gob bPermanent Partner Team
3Complexity GamingJT, FaNg, floppy, Grim, junior, T.cPermanent Partner Team
4ENCESnappi, Spinx, dycha, hades, maden, sAwPermanent Partner Team
5Evil GeniusesBrehze, CeRq, Stewie2K, autimatic, RUSHPermanent Partner Team
6FaZe Clanrain, broky, Twistzz, karrigan, ropz, RobbaNPermanent Partner Team
7FnaticKRIMZ, mezil, nicoodoz, roeJ, TBD, keitaPermanent Partner Team
8FURIA Esportsyuurih, arT, KSCERATO, drop, saffee, guerriPermanent Partner Team
9G2 EsportsJACKZ, huNter-, NiKo, m0NESY, Aleksib, XTQZZPermanent Partner Team
10Heroicstavn, cadiaN, TeSeS, sjuush, Jabbi, XiztPermanent Partner Team
11MOUZfrozen, Bymas, dexter, torzsi, JDC, sycronePermanent Partner Team
12Natus Vinceres1mple, electroNic, Perfecto, b1t, TBD, B1ad3Permanent Partner Team
13Ninjas in PyjamasREZ, Plopski. hampus, es3tag, Brollan, djLPermanent Partner Team
14Team LiquidEliGE, NAF, oSee, nitr0, TBD, dapsPermanent Partner Team
15Team VitalityapEX, ZywOo, misutaaa, dupreeh, Magisk, zonicESL World Ranking
16Cloud9nafany, sh1ro, interz, Ax1Le, HObbit, grooveESL World Ranking
17Movistar Ridersmopoz, ALEX, DeathZz, SunPayus, dav1g, bladEESL World Ranking
18Team Spiritchopper, magixx, Patsi, s1ren, w0nderful, hallyConference Stage WInner
19MIBRchelo, exit, Tuurtle, JOTA, brnz4n, bitConference Stage Winner
20EndpointSurreal, CRUC1AL, MIGHTYMAX, Nertz, Kjaerbye, RejinConference Stage Winner
21Eternal FireXANTARES, woxic, imoRR, MAJ3R, paz, hardstyleConference Stage Winner
22OutsidersQikert, Jame, FL1T, n0rb3r7, fame, dastanConference Stage Winner
23HEETLucky, bodyy, afro, Djoko, Ex3rcice, matHENDConference Stage Winner
24FTWDDias, arrozdoce, Ag1l, stadodo, kst, vtsPaConference Stage WInner

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23:00 UTC 27/02/2024 Gamers Club Liga Série A: February 2024
Gamers Club Liga Série A: February 2024
Team MIBR Academy logoMIBR Academy VS Team paiN Academy logopaiN Academy
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23:30 UTC 27/02/2024 Eternity League
Eternity League
Team Team Yomzix logoTeam Yomzix VS Team Mince Clan logoMince Clan
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It is without a doubt that ESL Pro League Season 16 will be one of the most awaited and most hyped Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) tournaments for this year as there is no guaranteed winner on who will take 175,000 USD and direct seed for BLAST World Final 2023 and IEM Katowice 2023. - main bet logo 100% Deposit Bonus up to €200
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