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Whilst the CSGO gambling scene has continued to surge in growth over the last few years, it becomes more mainstream, and more legal platforms are appearing, and with that, there are new games being introduced. One of those games is called CSGO Dice. We have gathered the information in this guide to explain what the Dice game is whilst providing you with the best sites and bonuses available.

Top CS:GO Betting Sites

Rank Website Games Bonus offer Rating Play
1 Read review CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Hearthstone Call of Duty
100% Bonus up to €200
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2 Read review CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite
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3 CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty
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Below is a list of some of the best CSGO betting sites that offer the game. You can sign up for bonuses for each.

  • Farmskins – 3901918
  • Hellcase – 13690822
  • DatDrop – 2683824
  • Daddyskins – 1395576
  • Lootbear – rETMUO

How Does The CSGO Dice Game Work?

The name itself is a big giveaway; it’s not something to over complicate. It is an exciting CSGO themed game based on the traditional casino game; if you gamble regularly, you might already be familiar with this.

The game works on a simple and easy to understand format. It holds similarities to other casino and slot games, so shouldn’t take long to get used to. Players just need to place bets on what they think the outcome of the dice roll will be. If you choose correctly, you win, and if not, you lose your bet.

Best Skin Gambling Sites

Rank Website Games Promo code Rating Play
1 Read review CS:GO DOTA2
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2 Read review CS:GO
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3 Read review CS:GO DOTA2
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4 Read review CS:GO
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5 Read review CS:GO
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How Popular Is It?

The CSGO Dice game has not risen to the popularity of its counterparts; roulette, blackjack, coinflip, etc. but it is favored by some users. This is because it is easy to learn and understand. Additionally, there are great options to increase your chances of winning, which is obviously important when it comes to this. You can expect it to continue in growth in the coming months and years.

Deposit And Withdrawal

As is the case with the majority of CSGO gambling sites, there is a wide range of ways to deposit after you sign up. In most cases, you need to create an account and also link your Steam account. This is so players can deposit their in-game skins in exchange for the monetary value or the platforms respective currency.

On top of this, your traditional deposit methods will be available. For example, debit and credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and online wallets. Please note that these vary based on the betting platform and are not universal.

The option to deposit using skins is fantastic for those that do not want to risk losing real money. Some people collect skins just from playing the game, and now they can use those to bet on almost any casino.

Is There A CSGO Dice Strategy?

As the game fully relies on luck, there isn’t much of a strategy available. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot create tactics to have your own form of CSGO Dice strategy to benefit you as best as possible.

You can create your own tactics that suit your playstyle, or you can go for more conservative wagers to boost your chances of winning and creating more profit long term. An example of this is that you do not always have to bet on an exact outcome.

Instead, you can wager on a low outcome, which is anything from 1 to 6, or a high outcome which is from 8 to 12. There is also a medium outcome, which is seven. So rather than risking it all on one number, you can choose a bet which covers you for a few potential outcomes. Just be aware that the odds will be lower.


What Is CSGO Dice?

It is similar to the traditional casino game, and is based on odds and guessing what will be the final outcome. Some CSGO dice sites have the addition of multipliers, increasing the potential of winnings and adding an extra thrill to the experience.

How To Win CSGO Dice?

As we mentioned above, the CSGO dice roll is fully reliant on luck, which means you cannot create much of a strategy. You need to be aware of all the betting options, for example, low and high bets, which will have lower odds but increase your chances of winning. Long term, this will likely be more successful.

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