Cheapest CSGO Knives Overview

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CSGO is not only one of the best first-person shooter games but the most popular FPS game ever created. Counter-Strike: Global Offense is becoming the most-played video game and one of the notable in eSports scenes because of its audience.

When the game was released in the year 2012, it created a new era of gamers and opportunities for those who would love to earn recognition and money. For those who are into professional gaming, they became eSports athletes of respective organizations. And for those who are just playing the game to earn money, some became punters of different CSGO sportsbooks.

Moreover, the game has its in-game items or skins, and most of them are not cheap to buy in different CSGO online stores. CS: GO items or skins make players hype as it not only customizes the weapons of your player model but also adds color to your game. Aside from it adding color to your game, CSGO knives are considered the holy grails of skins. Thus, this article would provide you a review on where to buy cheap CSGO knives.

Cheapest Knife in CSGO 2021

Where to Buy CSGO Knifes

Are you looking for sites where to buy CSGO knives? In today’s time, buying the cheapest CSGO knives is hard to find as due to the pandemic, some of the sellers are taking advantage of those gamers who don’t have any cool skins on their weapons. So, here’s our recommended sites for you to buy not only the cheapest CSGO knives but also the cheapest CSGO knife:

Steam Community Market

Steam Community Market is the place to be if you’re looking for the cheapest knives on the web. Steam is not just a market where you can buy or sell skins but also has the safest transactions you will make because of its authentication using the code sent through your phone.

One of the best features Steam has is if you are looking for a specific item, you can easily search for it in the search box and the amount of price you are willing to pay. And after searching, different offers will be posted and will match the price you have chosen.

How to Buy Cheap CSGO Knives in Steam:

  1. Open Steam and log-in with your account;
  2. Navigate your cursor to the ‘Community’ section, then proceeds to ‘Market’;
  3. Once you are in the Market section, either you can scroll for the items you are looking for or search for them;
  4. Click on the item of your choice as its price will also be indicated;
  5. Click ‘Buy’ and enter the price you are willing to pay for the item;
  6. And click the box indicating you are going to agree to the Steam Subscriber Agreement and Place Order.
  7. If the item you are buying is successful, you will receive a highlighted message to that effect, and you can now proceed to your inventory;
  8. If the item is not available at the moment, Steam will save your buy order. And once the item is available on the amount you are willing to pay, Steam will automatically buy it for you.


If you are not familiar with DMarket, it is one of the best and legitimate CSGO trading platforms that allows you to trade CS: GO and other items from different games. They have been in the trading scene for a while now, and they have been featured a lot of times from Forbes, Reuters, etc. If you are looking for cheap CSGO knives for sale or the cheapest CSGO knife, you have to check what they offer.

One of the best features DMarket has is its User Interface, as it is unbelievably good. The color combination has a black and light-green theme, which allows users not to overlook the things they are looking for.

Another thing is DMarket is very transparent, as from time to time, you will have transactions, it will be recorded and allows you to track your spending and your trade history on their site.

This is one of the best and fair-price CSGO trading platforms you can find on the web. started its operations back in 2017, but they had already completed more than 24 million trades in just four (4) years. The popular Youtubers or Streamers may not review this site, but it has massive users daily.

And if you are looking for reasons to buy CS GO cheap knife or cheap CSGO knives for sale, then this one’s for you. Additionally, the site has payment options you can choose from as it supports more than 200 payment methods. They also support trading on TF2, H1Z1, RUST, and DOTA2 skins, making them even more appealing for gamers.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Top 5 Cheapest CSGO Knives in the Market 2021

If you have visited a lot of site reviews, a lot of questions are being raised, and one of them is ‘what is the cheapest knife in CSGO?’ then these are the answers:

Navaja Knife Safari

It is the cheapest CSGO knife, worth $50+ on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Community Market because it is the worst looking CSGO knife – and this item is being offered a lot in different CSGO trading sites because it has a common design.

Shadow Daggers Rust Coat

This is another very unpopular CS GO cheap knife, worth about $70 as this only comes in well-worn and battle-scarred conditions.

Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest

This knife came from the inspiration of a standard hunting knife and worth about $78 and above. Not that it is considered as one of the cheapest CSGO knives, but this knife is one of the most popular knives being used by the players because of its design.

Gut Knife Safari Mesh

This knife is considered between pretty and ugly as it will depend on the player’s perspective as to how the design fits well on his or her gameplay. And this knife cost around $48, which also has a lot of replicas in CSGO markets.

Falchion Knife Urban Masked

This knife skin is probably an upgrade from a Navaja Knife Safari as it sometimes looks cool, and sometimes it looks a bad design. However, this knife is again considered one of the cheap CSGO knives for sale in different CSGO markets online. Its price ranges from $55 for the vanilla variant and about $90 and above for the StatTrak equipped.