Best AUG Skins in Counter-Strike 2


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Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is one of the most exciting esports games ever. Hundreds of thousands of players actively play the game. There are also multiple tournaments and events where the best players and teams worldwide compete against each other for the biggest prizes. New players continue to join the game, and this is not all too surprising.

The game’s creators of Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment continually add new features to make it more engaging and interesting for players. These features, coupled with CSGO’s global appeal, mean that there will always be something to look forward to.

One of the fun features of Counter Strike is CS2 skins, otherwise called finishes. Generally, skins in video games are alternative outfits of some sort for characters or items. In CS2, a finish is a unique visual design for a weapon, be it a firearm or a knife. Skins neither do anything nor affect the gameplay. They are purely cosmetic items and only affect how a weapon looks and not its effect.

In Counter Strike, there is a wide variety of weapons. Incredibly, there is an even wider variety of finishes to suit these weapons. Skins were introduced into CSGO when Valve released the game’s “Arms Deal” update in August 2013. Over 100 skins split into ten themed collections like Assault, Office, Dust, and Aztec were featured in that update.


CSGO skins range from the realistic to the absurd. Many of the skins have finishes that can provide players with a tactical advantage. For example, the Aztec skin has camouflage that makes your gun blend into a jungle environment. There are also outlandish finishes like Akihabara Accept, which is basically an assault rifle with an anime magazine cover imprinted on its side.

CSGO skins have different grades. These grades are differentiated based on their qualities. Most high-quality skins are rare. Based on rarity, the CSGO skins are classified into:

  • Consumer Grade (Common skins)
  • Industrial Grade (Uncommon skins)
  • Mil-Spec Grade (Rare Skins)
  • Restricted (Mythical Skins)
  • Classified (Legendary Skins)
  • Covert (Ancient Skins)
  • Gold (Very Rare Skins)

Besides their rarity, another factor that differentiates CS2 finishes is their exterior qualities. A skin’s exterior quality signifies how fresh it is. Based on this classification, we have the following types of skins:

  • Factory New
  • Minimal Wear
  • Field-Tested
  • Well-Worn
  • Battle-Scarred

Besides rarity and freshness, finishes are also classified as Normal, StatTrak, or Souvenir. Weapons with StatTrak skins help players keep track of the number of kills they have made. Souvenir skins are those released during CSGO tournaments. Some souvenir finishes are rare and very valuable in the market.

This article focuses on CS2 AUG skins and explores the best of them. You will know the features these finishes have and also where you can buy them.

If you are an avid Counter Strike player, there is a chance you have come across an AUG. You might have even used one. The weapon has been around for a long time and has become a staple in CS2 weaponry. The AUG is not an easy rifle to handle, but it can be very deadly when you use it properly.

With finishes, the AUG can become a cooler weapon. You can personalize your experience if you get skins for your AUG rifle. If you want to do that, check out some of the best CS2 aug skins you can get.

Bengal Tiger

AUG Bengal Tiger

If you want your AUG to look more deadly, you can do so by adding the Bengal Tiger skin. It features an oriental vibe thanks to the fascinating painting of a Bengal tiger, which makes your game character look like a cool killer.

The Bengal Tiger skin was added in July 2014. Based on quality, it has a classified grade.

Akihabara Accept

Akihabara Accept

If you want an item with an oriental vibe like the Bengal tiger, but you still want to have a feel of the east, you can check out the Akihabara Accept. It is a great item to have, especially if you are an anime fan. It features a blast of off-eggshell white and purpose. It also has a decal of your new favorite waifu. Thus, you will surely get a feel of Tokyo when using your AUG rifle with the Akihabara Accept skin.



If you want your AUG to be streamlined, subliminal, and always ready for battle, you should try out the Condemned skin. It has a slick octagonal orange print with a few finely brushed details, giving it a realistic look and confers a unique color pallet. It is an industrial-grade skin and also has a souvenir option.



The Stymphalian AUG skin is an incredibly beautiful item that features a fascinating painting that resembles ancient drawings and slick fashionable designs. It was added in February 2018 and is under the classified grade. It also has a StatTrak option.



CSGO’s AUG is not an accessory but a weapon of deadly force. Hence, whatever skin you want to add to it should reflect that reputation. The Triqua does just that. If you are the kind of player who loves dominating and striking fear into your opponents’ hearts whenever they hear your AUG’s deep growls, then you should consider the Triqua as the item of choice.

It features a gunmetal color pallet that is very realistic. Also, it has a unique design that gives it a professional look. Thanks to its slick gunmetal orange and gunmetal blue, the Triqua has deadly characteristics which pay tribute to the AUG’s reputations as a perfect killing weapon. The Triqua’s quality is Mil-Spec grade. It also has a StatTrak Option.

Syd Mead

Syd Mead

The Syd Mead features a gorgeous blend of yellow, red, and green and has a beautiful redesign of the traditional AUG. This redesign and features combine to make the weapon much more intimidating on the battlefield. The Syd Mead is of the classified grade.



This item is bright, bubbly, and colorful. It keeps with the AUG’s green theme but has an added spice with the graphic of a chameleon across the side. It was added in February 2014 and is very popular in CSGO. Its quality is Covert, and it also has a StatTrak option.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod

If you are not too concerned about luxury but want something fast and cool as your AUG skin, then you should go for the Hot Rod. It has a screaming red metal painting that alerts anyone within a five-mile radius of your map of choice of your presence once you approach. Its quality is Mil-Spec Grade. However, it doesn’t have StatTrak counter and souvenir options.



If you want fashionable AUG skin, you should not look much further than the Aristocrat, which accords its owners with a sense of poise, sophistication, and a killer instinct. The item’s blue/gray design, which resembles old, luxurious wine cellars, makes your gameplay very classy. Its quality is restricted. It also has a StatTrak option.



It is a very simple AUG skin, which makes it loved by many CS2 players. It has no flashy, awe-inspiring, or wow feature but has a professional look and feel. It features a blue-white color, which gives it a simple, slick, and sexy look and announces the storm’s coming. It is of the consumer grade and has a souvenir option.

Where to Buy Cheap AUG Skins

There are two options available if you want to buy CSGO skins. These include:

  • The Steam Marketplace, where you can shop all things from CS2, trade your skins for newer ones, and much more.
  • Third-Party Services: You won’t incur any trade fees when you purchase skins and other items here. Also, you can easily withdraw money from third-party accounts, an option that is not available on Steam.


Since its release in 2012, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has evolved and now has different game modes and features. Skins are one of the game’s unique features and allow players to enhance the look of their weapons during gameplay. The AUG is one of the deadliest and commonly used weapons in CS2. It is also a cool weapon that can be made cooler with skins. The skins reviewed in this article are among the best for AUG and are truly special. Do well to check them and other incredible CS2 items out.

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